Leah Patgorski Textile Sculpture

Leah Patgorski has one degree in Architecture and another in Fine Arts, and she has worked for a drapery manufacturer, a wood shop, a design school, and various architects. Her artwork consists primarily of sculptures and panels made of textiles, and she has been commissioned to make various pieces ranging from a life-size canvas rowboat to a 70-ft-long installation of layered fabrics. Leah’s work has been exhibited in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Milan, and Vienna.


Moment Media Documentaries, Educational Videos and Indie Films

Moment Media is a “production collaborative” because video and film production is always a team effort, and success depends on the ability to bring out the best performance from every member of the team. We love having the opportunity to do our best work on meaningful projects with a team that we respect and enjoy. That is why Moment Media exists.

The Moment Media production collaborative is led by Janet Smith, Producer and Editor.  She is joined regularly by a trusted group of freelance professionals with whom she has worked for many years.


Midland Architecture Commercial & Residential Architecture

Midland is an architecture and interior design firm specializing in enduring regional architecture delivered collaboratively to residential and commercial clients.  We are equally at home in the open green spaces of southwestern Pennsylvania and southeastern Ohio, as we are in its dense older cities and towns.  The unique character of this region, neither Midwest nor East, inspired our name and our mission: Midland.  We strive to provide design services individually tailored to each client, and to craft thoughtful solutions that address their needs, mindful of their budget and schedule.


Janice Schuler Painter, Printmaker, Photography

Schuler, born and raised in Pittsburgh is a graduate of CMU in Painting and Printmaking.  She worked as a Journalist for five years after college, writing a monthly film column for PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE and news articles for the PITTSBURGH PRESS (now POST-GAZETTE,) as well as alternative publications.  She has her MA from UCLA in Motion Picture/Television-Critical Studies, PhDABD from The University of Oregon in Telecommunications and Film, and minor in Women’s Studies. Schuler teaches Media Arts/Communications courses.  After raising a family she is now devoting more time to her art.  She is a member of AAP, PSA and Group A. Her work is both figurative and abstract. Schuler has an exhibit entitled WORK,  coming up in early October at Panza Gallery. Curated by Tim Fabian, she will show with Mary Wiedner, Patricia Barefoot and Susan Constance.


Lori Hepner Photography, Performance, Light Art

Lori Hepner is fine artist working primarily in conceptually based photography, LED device artworks, as well as curating exploratory journeys for other artists. In her work, she performs digitized, luminous traces of personal landscapes to capture the future memories of places. She uses customized LED devices to gesturally re-draw muscle memories from her strolls, paddles, and treks across the Arctic.


Frank Walsh Photography

With 20 + years of experience of primarily partnering with advertising and design firms, Frank has photographed everything from ants to automobiles to fulfill the clients’ needs. This includes clients such as Campbell’s, Philips, ESPN, and Highmark.